I am Adette, your Harry Potter Coach

About Me

I am a Potterhead professional

coach, author, facilitator, and speaker.

I coach Potterheads, teens and young adults to not settle for second best. I coach them from a place of overwhelming choice and confusion to creating a life that resonates with their hopes, dreams, and values. I use the Harry Potter series as a coaching tool so that together we can create magic! 

With 20 years of direct experience working and engaging with young women, I am able to connect with them and provide the coaching, mentorship, and guidance that is so critically missing in the transition between youth and adulthood. 

I have a coaching certification with an ICF-accredited coach training center in addition to having a Bachelor of Arts and over 25 awards of recognition for outstanding contributions and long service with Girl Guides of Canada. 

I am an internationally published author of Alohomora - A Potterhead's Guide to Unlocking a Magical Life and have several published articles in Community Now! Magazine.

As a facilitator and speaker, my focus is on youth and leadership.


Lorraine Roach
        “The hardest thing about finding a life coach is establishing rapport, that can take time. I am lucky because my friend Adette is a life coach. Recently I have been feeling overwhelmed, with absolutely everything.. even simple things like my frustration level with other humans 😳 so I asked for help, I am not ashamed of that, I am proud of myself. 👏👏
        I wish I would have done it sooner.
        Adette asked me to complete an (ELI) Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment. So I did!
        The questions were uncomfortable at times, but anything that is worth it will be a little uncomfortable, right? You all know what I mean. I answered all the questions with honesty.🤗
        Then the fun part!! MY RESULTS!! 👏🙌🏻
        Adette called me with the Assessment Debrief Preview Report. I have to say I was not shocked with the results but what I was shocked about was how good I felt after just one session with her. Adette was able to give me real life strategies to implement today. I feel empowered to do all her suggestions.
        Adette has spent a lot of time learning how to help people, I would trust her with all your personal issues.
        Everything you speak with Adette about is confidential. ❤
        Thank you Adette 💞LR”

Heba Agamaway

I've been working with Adette for a few months now and it has been an absolutely transformational process. Adette is one of the few coaches who really has an open and empathetic manner which makes you know you have someone who truly cares about you in your corner! Her passion for helping her clients and coaching them in whatever their needs may be makes her a unique and awesome coach that has become rare these day! I would highly recommend anyone reach out to Adette and utilize her exceptional coaching and mentoring services!

Cat Schembri

Working with Adette was a wonderful experience. From the first 5 minutes on the phone with her, she was warm, open and safe. I felt like we could talk about anything and there wasn’t every judgement or pity. We touched a bit on the past but it was only to understand the now. I loved that it always felt like forward motion. She has a way of getting you to tell yourself the things you need to hear, some of it, the real stuff, you weren’t wanting to say out loud. Once these “woah” moments happen, she gives you room to digest. I didn’t ever feel pressured or overloaded. Thank you again for giving my voice…a voice.


  • You are not broken. Coaching is not about fixing something. It's more like a magical formula to propel you forward to the next level of what is possible.

  • Confusion, frustration and overwhelm don't have to be your reality. Coaching provides you with easy to use tools to magically shift you to confidence, focus, and joy. Together we create clarity and a plan of action that will guide and motivate you to create a future that inspires you.

  • The solutions you are searching for can't be found in an internet search. We are all unique individuals and as such coaching is completely customized to the individual client's needs.

  • I use a strengths-based approach to help you understand yourself better.

  • With 30 years of working with youth I know and understand the challenges and stress experienced by young adults as they become young adults.

  • A sense of PURPOSE – GenZ is accustomed to instant responses and instant answers. Coaching provides her the framework for creating a path that allows for purpose and direction to develop and unfold in stages, with clear results along the way.

  • Clarity on POTENTIAL – Coaching isn't about fixing her. It's about her becoming aware of her own potential and seeing what's outside of her peripheral view. The focus is on identifying your daughters' strengths.

  • Understanding her VALUES – Our values shape how we see the world and where we place importance, but they also shape our motivation to do something. Coaching enhances her understanding of how those values are influencing her behaviours and the behaviours of others.

  • Development of SKILLS – As a parent you have spent years investing in your daughter's ability to do all sorts of things. Coaching enhances existing skills and expands on essential people skills.

  • Gain confidence and self-esteem

  • Greater focus

  • Overcome stress and anxiety

  • Increased motivation

  • Quicker recovery from upset and obstacles

  • Increased awareness of personal values

  • Achieve goals and ambitions quicker


Sav - Girl Guide Pathfinder regarding Slaying the Boggart Workshop

Adette, you were very inspiring and you helped me believe that I have magic inside me and I can transform my fears to something funny and give it a new job. I am definitely going to work on everything you said to help reduce fears and stress!!!


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Student Comments from Nelson Mandela High School Wellness Event

"My favourite part of wellness week would be the Harry Potter reference, when we made our own personal monster drawings and named them to finally be rid of."

"The baggort presentation, it was very creative."

"The Harry Potter section was the most enjoyable as it had the most interactivity by far."

"Drawing our Boggarts and our heros."

"I enjoyed doing the Boggart because it helped me face my fear. It was a fun activity to do as it made wellness week more fun."