Adette spent several years researching, organizing, writing, and editing her book "Alohomora - A Potterhead's Guide to Unlocking a Magical Life".

The book is a guide to learning how to connect with your inner magic and move beyond the trappings of hidden messages, societal expectations, and fear of the unknown this book and the accompanying workbook have it all. Adette shares her coaching knowledge and 20+ years of experience working with teens and young adults. She provides relevant references to the Harry Potter series, personal relatable stories, some references to her Girl Guide experience and of past members, and easy-to-follow exercises to move beyond platform 9 3/4 into a magical way of being.

"During your teen years, it's easy to become disconnected from your own personal magic. It's my goal to reconnect as many people as possible with the magic that truly lies within them, dormant. Much the way that Harry's magic was always there, he just needed to be shown just how special he was." -Adette Lacerte


The book covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Mindfulness and stress management techniques
  • Identifying your values and their impact on your life
  • Creating a roadmap
  • Conquering your Boggart, Interpretations,
  • Assumptions and Societal pressures (BIAS)
  • Playing the game of life through Authenticity,
  • Accountability, Integrity, and Responsibility (AAIR)
  • Overcoming roadblocks
  • Mastering your talents

To support this book Adette also developed "Alohomora - Workbook - A Step-By-Step Workbook to Unlock Your Magical Life". The workbook walks you through the process to record and work through each of the exercises in Alohomora to maximize your goals.

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Alohomora - A Potterhead's Guide to Unlocking a Magical Life


Alohomora - Workbook - A Step-By-Step Workbook to Unlock Your Magical Life


Book Testimonials

I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I finished it in a day! There were so many incredible take away points and helpful reminders. - Jen S

Five Star - An Amazing Book - This book is so helpful! It’s fun and engaging while helping you work towards a better state of mind. The little certificate in the book is a nice touch as well. A definite must for anyone! - Kenzie A