The focus is always on YOU.

I strive to give you the latest tools to develop a deep sense of personal awareness, confidence and self-esteem, and focus to achieve your dreams.

All workshops can be set up for individuals or for special interest groups.

Confident Choices for Success

In today's turbulent environment it can be a struggle to plan and confidently make choices. Having worked to empower young women for 20 years I am passionate about helping them navigate difficult times so they can succeed -THEIR way! That's why I created a virtual workshop designed to support young women in making confident choices now!

Participants will learn:
5 strategies for creating instant credibility and confidence with others
Skills to confidently own their personal values and maintain boundaries
An appreciation of their personal strengths and how to boldly claim them

This 6 part virtual interactive workshop will cover:
Why confident choices matter
What indecision is REALLY costing you?
5 Confidence building strategies
How to create and communicate kind boundaries
Live into your confidence. Turn your dreams into reality

The modules will be provided weekly by Zoom
Tuesday August 18 at 4 pm MDT through Tuesday September 22 at 4pm MDT.

Investment is $197 per person
Register you and a friend for $297(Savings of $ 97)

Register Here or visit

Limited to 20 Participants

*To support you during these difficult times pricing is reduced from $497/person

Conquering Exam Stress Workshop

A significant amount of research around exam stress indicates that there is a correlation between stress levels and students' abilities to study in advance of the exam as well as impacting their overall performance on the exam. This workshop focuses on stress reduction methods prior to an exam as well as techniques to help during the exam. You will leave the workshop with the tools you need to give you emotional freedom to excel not only on exams but in every stressful situation you may find yourself in.

Vision Board Workshop

Where is your compass pointed? This workshop is not just a cut and paste kindergarten class. The focus is to dig deep into what motivates you and why. Connection to your why will drive not only what your board will look like but what will motivate you to stay focused on your goals, dreams and future. 

Navigating COVID-19 Stress

We now live in a new world with new conditions. These changes are difficult for our brains to adjust and adapt to which is why many of us are struggling with emotional overwhelm. It's a normal process, but there are lots of tools that you can implement today to help you navigate through the changes you are experiencing.

This online video workshop can be viewed on your own time and schedule. It is 47 minutes jammed packed with tips and tricks to help you take control of your fears and anxieties. I cover daily routines, how they work and their benefits as well as specific in the moment tools when your brain goes into overload.

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