Paola DeCianitis, July 2017

Adette is an amazing coach! I had the pleasure to work with her recently and it was a truly life-changing experience! Going through the challenges of menopause at the same time that your teenage daughter is going through her own changes into becoming a young adult was too much for me to handle. I was not relating well to my daughter and was at my wits end at what to do to improve my relationship with her. Thanks to the coaching I received from Adette I was able to better cope and respond to situations with more confidence, courage and awareness. I noticed through my ongoing sessions with Adette that my energy started to shift into a more positive and anabolic space. As a result, my relationship and communication with my daughter improved greatly! Adette is so knowledgeable and insightful. Her gentle but yet challenging approach was just what I needed to help me through this very difficult time in my life. I looked so forward to our sessions and was always amazed at how she was able to strike a unique balance of careful listening and understanding with her experience and insight. She is especially in tune with young girls which really helped with my challenges with my teenage/young adult daughter! I would definitely recommend Adette as a coach. She is a real treasure!

Cat Schembri, June 2017

Working with Adette was a wonderful experience. From the first 5 minutes on the phone with her, she was warm, open and safe. I felt like we could talk about anything and there wasn't ever judgment or pity. We touched a bit on the past but it was only to understand the now. I loved that it always felt like forward motion. She has a way of getting you to tell yourself the things you need to hear, some of it, the real stuff, you weren't wanting to say out loud. Once these "woah" moments happen, she gives you room to digest. I didn't ever feel pressured or overloaded. Thank you again for giving my voice... a voice.

Monique Davis, April 2017

When I first heard of Adette’s coaching services, I had already gotten to a point where I had stopped trying to reach goals, or even to have goals. Meeting her started me on the right path again. She helped me to understand that I’m the one in control of reaching my goals. She gave me a path to follow, and bit by bit, I began to understand that most things are possible if you really work hard on it. Adette has changed my personal life and inner-self for the better in so many ways!

Adette is a brilliant, inspiring, kind-hearted and warm person, who truly cares about bringing the best out of you. She is incredibly insightful, knows how to get you to want to take the necessary steps to achieve everything you desire, and is always available to guide you and work with you. I have become more motivated as a result of working with her and have learned how to get out of my comfort zone to achieve the results in my life that I desire. I highly recommend Adette to anyone who wants to create a better life for themselves. She is an amazing coach. Thanks so much for everything Adette! You are a gem!

Cindy McEwan - March 2017

More than eight weeks ago, I came upon an opportunity to work with Adette as she was beginning her new career as Life coach and looking for opportunities to put these new skills to work. When I saw her post, I thought it would be fun and immediately responded to her offer.

As it turns out, the past eight weeks have flew by and working with Adette has been incredible. She is compassionate, enlightened and a pleasure to work with. Adette has guided me to understand my own feelings and has worked with me to form a new plan. When I started working with Adette, I was stuck and felt that for the first time in my life, I was powerless to make a change. Over the last eight weeks, with her gentle counsel, I am working a plan and feeling more empowered and in charge of my life than I have for a long time. I am much clearer about the direction in which I am traveling. I was disappointed to learn that our sessions were complete, but excited to see what new adventures await me with this new life plan.

I recommend Adette to anyone who is willing to be honest about their life and to anyone who dares to dream. Adette is a support that works with you to enhance the quality of your life.