Why hire a transitional life coach for your daughter?

  • A sense of PURPOSE - GenZ is accustomed to instant responses and instant answers. Coaching provides the framework for creating a path that allows for purpose and direction to develop and unfold in stages, with clear results along the way.
  • Clarity on POTENTIAL - Coaching isn't about fixing anyone. It's about becoming aware of our own potential and seeing what's outside of our peripheral view. The focus is on identifying your daughters strengths.
  • Understanding our VALUES - Our values shape how we see the world and where we place importance, but they also shape our motivation to do something. Coaching enhances our understanding of how those values are influencing our behaviours and the behaviours of others.
  • Development of SKILLS - As parents you have spent years investing in your daughter's ability to do all sorts of things. Coaching enhances existing skills and expands on essential people skills. 

Imagine for one moment what life was like when you were 18-24-years of age. How different would things be if you would have had a coach to help you navigate finding your purpose and potential? How have your values shaped your choices? What essential people skills were you missing? 

A 2017 study revealed that 35% of GenZ respondents already had a life coach. Hiring a coach who's sole purpose is to be an unbias supporter of your daughter's potential is possibly one of the greatest gifts you could give her.